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Deploy Unlimited Bots Auto-trained on Your Information with Happyml

Customer interaction is progressing by leaps and bounds across diverse industries. With time, businesses are looking at smarter and more efficient ways to resolve customer queries and assist them in their purchasing journey. Promptly responding to your customers is pivotal in gaining their trust and ensuring they have a positive experience engaging with your brand. 

Happyml is a custom AI chatbot for businesses that can be customized to fit your tone. You can auto-train unlimited bots on your information and deploy them anywhere and on multiple web pages. With awesome customization features, you can deploy Happyml bots across your website, web app, messenger app, email, or SMS. 

You can also add your chatbot to 3rd party apps and let your bot complete tasks recurrently and asynchronously. 

Top Features

Happyml is designed to simplify several tasks and retrieve accurate information for your business. You can deploy it anywhere for your users, services, and internal processes as well. 

·        Unlimited Bots

There's no limit on the number of chatbots you can create.

·        No Coding 

You can create, customize, and share chatbots without writing a single line of code.

·        Privacy

Advanced privacy and security encryption ensure your data’s safety at all times. 

·        Powered with AI

Advanced AI models power your Happyml chatbots. 

·        Human Intervention

Take control of any conversation at any time with Happyml.

·        Scalable

You can scale functions with our usage-based pricing models. 

·        History

You can monitor swathes of data from your Happyml chatbot's history to ensure high-quality responses.

Start a Free Trial 

Create and set up your Happyml account in no time. Our services are available in 95 different languages to take your customer support to another level. Start a free trial and learn how Happyml can benefit your business.


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