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Jos Binoye
Jos Binoye

Family Law Attorney Orange County Serving Your Best Interests 

Are you going through a family law dispute? Are you worried about your child's custody or their financial future? Consult with a family law attorney Orange County immediately to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

At Jos Family Law, we're highly experienced in handling any family law issues. We understand that going through a family law problem can be very difficult and challenging, which is why we lend our expertise with personalized attention and tailored strategies to fulfill your requirements. 

All our family law attorneys in Orange County are Certified Family Law Specialists by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. 


Our Family Law Practice Areas

At Jos Family Law, we hold 360° specialization across every area of family law. From simple to contentious divorces, from securing your parental rights to dividing high net-worth assets, we can secure the outcome that serves the best interests of your family. 

Our family law practice areas include:

·       Divorce

·       Mediation

·       Adoption

·       Child Custody & Support

·       Spousal Support 

·       Asset Division

·       Domestic Violence 

·       Grandparents’ Rights

·       Legal Separation 

·       Modification of Orders 

·       Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements 

·       Move Away Orders

·       Multistate Jurisdiction 


A Tailored Approach to Family Law

Our family law attorneys in Orange County have the experience and expertise to handle the most complex and challenging family law matters. 

Call (714) 733-7066 or send an email to to book a free consultation with us for legal guidance and representation.


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